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Legitimate sex toy recycling is no easy task, but we're working on doing something meaningful and real. We are very particular about how this is going to be done - it cannot just be another middle-man scenario where the toys still wind up in a landfill... no thanks! We will be keeping everyone posted when we have some news.
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Proper Dildo Disposal Jun 3, 2019. Dildo littering. It's a bigger problem than you might think. Hi, I'm RoboFUNKbr0s, and I'd like to talk to you about an epidemic sweeping our nation: Illegal dildo dumping. As a recreational bicycle tourist, I see just about everything that ends up on the side of the highway.
But, selling second-hand sex toys is hard. Even very clean they will mostly be used as a mannequin or anything else. Also, shipping costs can be prohibited. You can try on different platforms like Reddit or TheDollforum. Some companies offer to buy you your second-hand sex toys but we don’t know if it’s serious or not. Recycling the doll
If your toy is not battery/electric operated then you can throw it in the regular trash or recycling bin but I personally would save this as a final option. The recycling at Allegheny is more for pop cans or glass bottles and it might also be wholly uncomfortable for a recycling sorter to have to handle a used sex toy.
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Shop smart. Buy toys that are made to last! Are there sex toy recycling programs? In the UK there is a recycling program through Lovehoney and in Canada, there is one through Come As You Are. They both accept CLEAN, used sex toys. In Australia, there is a lovely, ethical company called Vavven and they have a functioning recycling program as ...
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Disinfect your unwanted sex toys by soaking them in a 10% solution of bleach for 10 minutes and let them air dry completely. Please don’t send anything wet or dirty! If it’s too gross to handle we won’t be able to process your shipment, and will return to sender.
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The Scarlet Girl program shows that recycling sex toys in the U.S. is possible but also very complicated. Their headquarters now has a room filled with used toys. To enter this area, an employee must wear non-porous gloves, a face shield and a disposable protective coverall, like a Tyvek biohazard suit.
A discreet new service from sex toy website Lovehoney is to help you dispose of and recycle your old vibrator.
Unfortunately, recycling sex toys in New Zealand and Australia is extremely difficult, however Adulttoymegastore launched a sex toy recycling programme in 2021 that enables New Zealanders to recycle glass, metal and e-waste sex toys!
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Most sex toy recycling services make it very simple, you simply pop your used toy(s) in a jiffy bag and send them off, the service you choose will have your toys cleaned and disassembled. The rubber, silicone, plastic and electronic parts will be sent to recycling facilities that can prepare the various materials for reuse.
The Sex Toy Recycling process works like this: You send your unwanted sex toy to STR (email them and they’ll send along a Tyvek pouch). Once it’s received, the toy is sterilized and sorted in ...
Insider Tips for Sustainable Sex Toy Production. Will Ranscombe Nov 2, 2021. We know that nothing dampens the mood quite like the subjects of climate change and global environmental collapse. However, consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about “green matters” and are eager to make a difference. Generation Z has been dubbed “the ...
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The UK-based adult toy shop LoveHoney actually started a great recycling program for sex toys, but that's not going to help us on this side of the pond. I dug around, and found one website that ...
"People can also take their sex toys to electrical recycling centers but many are too shy to do so, so they send them to us to do for them.